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Next Generation Bracelets introduces the world's only Rechargeable Bracelet! This state-of-the-art Rechargeable Bracelet gives you the power of rare earth magnets that will keep your bracelet at full strength! Every 30 days simply place the bracelet on the charger overnight and your Rechargeable Bracelet will be at maximum strength!


All living bodies are a mass of electrical communication, each one finely balanced and producing its own unique electromagnetic field. A basic understanding of magnetic fields, and the interaction of magnetic fields is necessary to understand alternative medicine.

A magnet is a natural force that is closely associated with electricity. Magnets can be used to generate electricity and electricity can be used to generate magnetism. Every atom has its mass in the nucleus, and one or more orbiting electrons. The nucleus and electrons carry their own charges and therefore have their own fields. The introduction of a new magnetic field to the atom can result in the electron's orbit being moved encouraging a maximum efficiency in molecular bonding. Without the movement of electrons, changes in matter cannot occur.

The function and movement of every cell in a living body is dependent on the transfer of electrical communication, and without this communication there is no life. The efficient operation of the body's communication channels is wholly dependent on its information super-highway, a group of essential and balanced electrolytes that carry charges and information from one cell to another around the body.

All changes in living cells are electrochemical. Negative changes can cause cellular stress and are triggered by a number of internal and external factors, including electromagnetic radiation and electrolyte imbalance.


Magnotherapy is the application of a magnetic field to living tissue. Many claim this technology has been said to do wonders for your body. It is claimed Magnotherapy helps in two primary areas : It helps the electrolytes pass information by maintaining the electrical conductivity of living cells. It encourages processes that produce ions containing oxygen with strong oxidizing or reducing capabilities that help to maintain the pH balance.


Do some cultures know something we do not?
Studies are being conducted and the results may be astounding. Alternative Medicine the research although not conclusive is fascinating. Perform, Focus and have a feeling of Well-Being, Many people claim Alternative Medicine works for them In Numerous ways.


INTRODUCING Next Generation'S Rechargeable Bracelet For those who believe in the power of Magnets.

What is It Made Of?

The Rechargeable Bracelet composed of a special metal alloy and coated with in 24 karat gold and a titanium dura-coat and features a surgical stainless steel band. This bracelet contains no nickel.

Charging the Bracelet:

Every 30 days recharge your bracelet for 8 hours; this maintains your bracelet at factory strength. The charger base needs no batteries or electricity. When you place the bracelet on the charging base it will transfer a charge to the balls of the bracelet. The rare earth charger base will last a lifetime. The charger cannot be used to charge bracelets you purchased from another manufacture.

How You Should Wear the Rechargeable Bracelet?

The bracelet should fit comfortably around the wrist. The bracelet will maintain its charge forever when used with the charger . For best results recharge monthly for 8 hours overnight. The bracelet is designed for wearing on the right OR left wrist, with the spheres on the top of the wrist or on the bottom of the wrist. The bracelet may be worn 24 hours a day. Bending the bracelet to comfortably fit on the wrist will not damage the finish or the function. The rechargeable bracelet is flexible and therefore, easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Can I get it wet?

Yes. It is best to avoid prolonged soaking in cleaners, chemicals, salt water or chlorinated pools and hot tubs.

Can I wear it with other jewelry?

Yes, touching other metals does not have any effect on the Rechargeable Bracelet.

How should it be cleaned?

Any kind of jewelry cleaner may be used to clean the Rechargeable Bracelet,Warm water, soap,rinse, wipe dry.

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