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Which Size Do I Need?

To determine which size Rechargeable Bracelet is right for you:
Measure your RIGHT wrist where you would wear a watch.
If you do not have a tape measure, a piece of string or narrow piece of paper works well.
Simply wrap around your wrist, then lay string or paper on a flat surface and measure the distance with a ruler.
Use the chart below to determine the size that is right for you.
If your measurement is borderline between two sizes, measure your wrist one more time making sure you are not wrapping to tightly.
Wrap the string or paper lightly and comfortably around your wrist. Now measure the string or paper again.
When in doubt, order the next largest size.
If necessary, you can squeeze the bracelet together, or coil it like a snake to fit more tightly on your wrist.
A bracelet that is too loose will rotate on your wrist and not stay in the correct position to get the optimal benefits.

SMALL 6" to 7"
MEDIUM 7" to 7¾"
LARGE 7¾" to 8¼"
X-LARGE 8¼" and up

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